Mindover Markets Continued: The Intensive Series 1+2 Bundle


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Session 1: October 2 through October 31
Session 2: November 5 through December 11*
*Thanksgiving Break November 21-November 26

We sometimes hear traders express hesitation about taking multiple intensives, but as author and psychologist Paul Silvia explains, there is a vast difference between the way beginners and experts experience the “novelty” of new information. For the beginner, novelty is simply everything that has not been encountered before. But for the expert, novelty is nuance—subtle additions to accumulated experience, earned over time and with great patience. For the expert in any field, novelty is a never-ending quest; each trading day is an opportunity to expand your understanding and deepen your intuitive grasp of real-time market behavior.

“The best kind of self-control is to avoid
situations that require self-control.”
―Paul J. Silvia

Just as two people can watch a sporting event or listen to a symphony and have totally different interpretations, every trader has a unique experience of the market’s never-ending two-way auction process. And it is only those traders who have developed a feel for the market’s myriad nuances who come out on top.

Both of our courses have been developed by Jim Dalton to provide you with accelerated learning to take your trading to the next level. Each course includes the following:

  • Daily Webinars – Session 1 Click Here for Tentative Schedule
  • Daily Webinars – Session 2 Click Here for Tentative Schedule
  • Access to Recorded Webinars
  • Two Daily Reports
  • Live Commentary
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Combination of Daily Synopsis Videos & Review and Replay Days Every Week
  • Market Logic and Trade Identification
  • Additional Exclusive Webinar Sessions

Daily Synopsis Video Recaps (2 Days a Week)

  • Review the day and witness how the Market Profile developed.
  • Identify trades that pertain to your trading timeframe.
  • Understand Jim’s thought process through synced comments.
  • Accelerate your learning curve on the road to mastery.

Review & Replay Days (2 Days a Week)

  • Jim will review and replay a day in a live webinar
  • Identify important nuances
  • Identify fast and slow trades
  • Explain and identify circumstances surrounding a particular day.

Maximize your learning curve!

Receive a special discount when you enroll in both courses and sign up early to begin receiving Jim’s live commentary and daily reports beginning August 27.