Market Profile Primer: April 2023


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Market Profile Primer: A Concentrated Live Course with Jim: April 19-27
To prime yourself for trading success, you will first have to let go of many price-based indicators and, more importantly, your desire for an immediate profitable outcome. If you have had difficulty being consistently profitable, you may have to give up what you already believe in order to move forward. Productive trading begins with a solid foundational base of both market understanding and emotional understanding. The bedrock of our teachings at Jim Dalton Trading is to help traders learn to create a solid foundational base for their trading and, eventually, learn to effortlessly spot opportune trade opportunities. To help traders on their path to trading success, we are offering our educational course Market Profile Primer: A Concentrated Live Course with Jim.

This condensed and focused primer course for Market Profile starts off with 4 intense days of linear education. The remaining 4 days will be focused on reinforcement of concepts & implementing and observing the foundational basics while being immersed in live markets. Those of you who may be familiar with Jim, know he does not prefer linear learning, but recognizes where it has its place. This will be a great opportunity for traders who are new to Market Profile to learn and solidify the fundamentals directly from Jim.

*When we have Live Market Webinars and discussions, volatility will be a focus.

Click Here for Tentative Schedule – All webinars and materials will be accessible for 3 months after the course finishes.

Day 1

  • What is Market Profile, how does it differ from Candle Charts and Bar Charts?
  • Auction Theory
  • Value Area – How it is calculated, understanding higher, lower, and overlapping value
  • Value versus Price
  • Fairest Price at which business is conducted – POC & the significance of the POC
  • The Concepts of Excess & Balance
  • Single Prints – What are they & what contextual clues do they leave behind?
  • Things Jim has discarded from his books & why & how have they been modified

Day 2

  • Various topics like the Dispersion Model, Momentum Trading, different Timeframes (Short, Intermediate, Longer Term) will be discussed. We will also cover the importance of chunking for tactical trading, reference types and their nuances, importance of overnight markets, the history of Scalping, anchor trades as a replacement for scalping, anchor trades versus developed trades, how to identify if you are a anchor or developed trader.
  • Reinforcement of Concepts

Day 3

  • Discussion on Chunking-where do we start? Importance of where the market opens, Weak highs and lows, Poor highs and low, Pullback highs/lows, Old Business vs Current Business, The Importance of Homework & Daily Preparation Discussion
  • Live Market Afternoon Webinar
  • Reinforcement of Concepts

Day 4

  • Reinforcement of Concepts & Plotting the Market Profile Exercise

Days 5-7

  • Morning Update via live commentary and Evening reports
  • Live Market Morning Webinar
  • Live Commentary
  • Live Market Last Hour of Trade followed by review of important aspects of the day
  • Reinforcement of Concepts

Day 8

  • Live Market Morning Webinar & Next Steps
  • Live Commentary