Fall 2023 Intensive


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Live Intensive Oct 04 – Nov 02, 2023

Our 4.5 week Live Intensive program will focus on the S&Ps. Coverage will be in the form of daily live session educational webinars, live commentary, pre-opening updates, evening reports, and Q&A segments. On a daily basis, Jim will provide market context, scenarios to consider, as well as discussions on confidence, inventory conditions,probability, and other concepts that are a part of Jim’s working analysis. This course will continually focus on understanding the markets via human behavior versus simply following price.

Many traders are familiar with the various observations and market-generated information that Jim employs to develop his market perspective and make his trading decisions. But in the heat of battle, how do we process the complex interplay of often conflicting observations and data points? What takes precedence, where should our attention be directed, how do we identify the market forces that are driving the auction? Our objective is to elaborate on nuances, areas of interest, and the odds as they develop.

You Will Never Look at the Markets the Same Way Again
The focus on the S&P enables traders to be immersed in one market with continuity over a five week period. Observe as Jim describes how he uses Market Profile structure, inventory conditions, and understanding the behavior of our competitors — with an intense focus on the nuances that usually only experienced, professional traders are aware of. Nuances make a difference.

Applicable to All Markets
Market Profile is applicable to stocks, crude oil, gold, and any market with enough trading volume.

Immerse yourself in this unique learning experience and develop the mindset of a professional trader.

Jim will post live comments to keep you in touch with the market during the day and provide an evening preparation and recap report as well as a morning update via live commentary. The reports are a valuable resource to get prepped for the trading day. They also serve as examples of the types of information you should be including in your own homework. Learn to recognize nuances & contextual clues to maximize your knowledge!

We help you remove the obstacles that keep you from becoming a better trader. Our practical yet nuanced approach will teach you how to:

  • Learn how the market forms and how to observe its structure with all its unusual features.
  • Hone your market intuition. Learn to feel who is actually trading and sense when new moves are developing or are likely to develop.
  • Cut through the noise and get out of your own way.
  • Develop the solid trading routines you need for true trading success!

This LIVE course is led by Jim Dalton to provide you with an accelerated path to mastery, including:

    • Daily Webinars – Click Here for Tentative Schedule
    • Access to Recorded Webinars – Live webinars are recorded in case you miss one or want to review again.
    • Daily Recap & Preparation Report & Morning Live Commentary before the market opens each day.
  • Live Commentary – When we aren’t in a live webinar, we will keep you in touch with the market with live updates.
  • Q & A Sessions.
  • Multiple Review and Replay Days Every Week
  • Market Logic and Trade Identification of Anchor & Developed Trades
  • Trade Dissection Lab – Each week we will pick & analyze specific trades of our own or from clients.
  • Homework Workshop
  • Additional Exclusive Webinar Sessions

Review & Replay Sessions

  • Review the day and witness how the Market Profile developed.
  • Identify trades that pertain to your trading timeframe.
  • Identify important nuances
  • Identify anchor and developed trades
  • Learn how to identify circumstances and context surrounding a particular trading day.
  • Accelerate your learning curve on the road to mastery.

*Note: This is not a beginner’s course. The Foundation & Application of the Market Profile ecourse is a pre-requisite for this course. Basic questions will not be addressed except in Small Group Q&A sessions. Please call us before purchasing the Intensive if you have any questions. If you purchase the Intensive without having the prerequisite requirement, we reserve the right to refund the purchase per our policies. If you took a full Intensive prior to 2018, you may be grandfathered and qualify to take a Live Intensive, please contact us prior to placing your order. When you purchase a Live Intensive Course, you will receive access to that particular Intensive for a period of 1 year after the course finishes.