JDT Team Live In-Person Event: June 2023


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Jim Dalton is 82 going on 30 as he prepares for his last Live In-Person Seminar…

Please see qualification information below.
Location: Houston, TX – Details will be provided upon registration.

You are invited to join Jim Dalton for his final immersive, in-person exploration of real-time market activity—a rare opportunity to learn from and engage with the man who wrote Mind Over Markets.

Jim’s Live Market Seminar is the culmination of a long career studying market and human behavior. He will be joined by former client Peter Reznicek, founder of ShadowTrader.net and author of Peter’s Premarket Perspective. Jim and Peter approach the market differently, bringing you a broader perspective to deepen your developing understanding of the forces that move markets.

The seminar will also feature a second guest, Mark who was a former client of Jim’s who left his legal career to become a full-time trader. “With little previous market experience, he was free of the baggage that holds many of us back.” Jim said. “Unlike many of us who are plagued by the difficulty of unlearning unprofitable behavior.” Along with Jim’s live market analysis, Mark will share insights into how he became a productive trader.

The Live Market Seminar will occur over five days during market hours, starting prior to the open so we can collectively prepare for the coming day. The primary focus will be on the S&P and its derivatives, including ES, SPY, and options. We will also keep an eye on NASDAQ, gold, and crude oil.

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided during the event. Hotel details provided upon request for those qualified and interested in attending this special limited seating event. We have a block of rooms reserved at a special rate of $139 per night.

Live market data will be presented on a large-scale monitor, and together we will focus on the Market-Generated Information (MGI) that reveals who is driving activity, market confidence, and developing value, while integrating insights related to tempo and volume.

NOTE: To qualify to attend this advanced live training event that has limited seating, you must have completed a full Live Intensive. For those that have only completed the Foundation & Application of the Market Profile eCourse, Jim would like to have a brief call for additional vetting. Please call or email if you have questions about meeting the qualifications to attend this event. This is a non-refundable purchase. Purchases made by unqualified participants will be refunded minus the credit card fees we cannot recover.